Viele Consulting Group is a consulting firm specializing in recruiting, coaching and career navigation for attorneys and law firms.

After nearly 20 years of being a trusted advisor and recruiter in the legal market, Andie Viele saw a pattern of the same issues arising time and again without resolution. With a first-hand glimpse of what works – and doesn’t – for both law firms and their attorney employees, Andie saw a clear opportunity to make lasting changes that could impact people’s careers and help law firms attract and retain their most important assets – their attorneys.

It is the philosophy of VCG that people should be empowered in their careers, marketable in their fields, and able to excel at work while also being successful in their lives and communities.

Law firms dealing with generational, retention or business development issues will benefit from either attracting professionally developed, confident and accountable attorneys…or developing them. Sometimes it’s a matter of recruiting the right person, other times is about helping an existing attorney overcome an obstacle that is holding them back.

For these reasons, Andie embarked on a rigorous business coaching training to compliment her recruiting practice. Therefore, VCG is now capable of consulting with clients to make lasting change.

  • Hiring: When, Who or How
  • Retaining Talent
  • The Cultural Divide: Local Offices of National Firms
  • Generational Issues
  • Business Development: Focused, Strategic and Consistent
  • Work – Life Continuum
  • Senior Associates / Junior Partners: Starving for Hours

VCG Consulting – Hire better. Work smarter. Bridge the gaps.