Career Navigation

The cornerstone to navigating a career is not only working hard. It is becoming and remaining marketable, regardless of your industry or current job satisfaction.

Those who strive to be the best commonly put their heads down and work hard to achieve. Counter intuitively, this very dedication to being the best can prevent them from being far sighted in their vision and strategy, for both their careers and lives as a whole. Being a great lawyer is about much more than legal know how. In today’s world there is a distinction between being a great lawyer and being a great lawyer who thrives. VCG can show you how.

With real time market information, including the latest trends in business development, knowledge of what firms and corporations seek and the process of career mapping, you can position yourself in the market. Interestingly, this works best for those completely happy in their current positions.

Navigation Consulting for Attorneys includes:

Navigation Packages123
1-Hour Telephonic Consultation
Resume review or templates of winning legal resumes
Compelling Cover Letter Creation
LinkedIn Profile creation or overhaul *
Compensation review and guidance
Business Development Trends
Be your own recruiter **

* Includes joining relevant groups and attaining important recommendations.
** For candidates wishing to run their own job search with the knowledge of a recruiter. Includes law firm search for relevant practice areas in the state of Florida. Law firm names and contact information will be provided. Should VCG place candidate a prorated portion of the consulting fee will be refunded.