Hire better. Work smarter. Bridge the gaps.


VCG is a trusted source to both law firm clients and attorney candidates for the brokering of successful deals. Whether a client or candidate, our job is about being precise with language, using knowledge, empathy, and communication to get to the heart of what it is you are hoping to achieve through a career move. We will steadfastly help you to explore all opportunities without jeopardizing your privacy or confidentiality. We perform our searches with the utmost tact and respect for your personal integrity and professional well-being.


The Work Life Continuum is a philosophy that differs from the idea of work-life balance, which implies a separation between the two. It is our belief that they are inextricably connected and should be addressed as such to gain and maintain momentum. Coaching for corporate and individual clients provides access to power that is currently elusive — or “the gap” — between what is wanted and what is achieved. It provides a platform of accountability whereby promises are made to take specific actions that lead to producing specific results.


After nearly 20 years of listening to, coaching and brokering deals between law firms and attorneys, the challenges and disconnect between the two have been illuminated. Through thousands of conversations and experiences in the market, VCG can assist in bridging the gap in career navigation, recruiting, retention and team leadership.