A 2011 study by from the Harvard Law School on Leadership Development in Law Firms stated: “Many partners are left to choose their own development methods, but are often the people least aware of what they need to get better at, or the methods that would help them to improve.”

After nearly 20 years of listening to, coaching and brokering deals between law firms and attorneys, the challenges and disconnect between the two have been illuminated. Through thousands of conversations and experiences in the market, VCG can assist corporations and law firms in combating the costly challenges related to their human capital.

Through her training in business coaching and broad market knowledge, Andie Viele has developed a platform that utilizes a mix of consulting and coaching that leads to employees being more accountable to their lives and careers. This comes from gaining a thorough understanding of what makes each individual “tick.” This can pay huge dividends to the employer.

Corporate and Law Firm Consulting:

  • Recruiting Practices.
  • Interviewing Strategy and Training.
  • Internal Culture Assessment.
  • Consulting/ coaching 1 on 1 and groups.
  • Business Development Trends.