Coaching provides access to power in ways that are currently elusive. It provides a platform for accountability whereby you make promises to take specific actions that lead to producing specific results.

Andie Viele believes in the Work Life Continuum, a philosophy that differs from the idea of work-life balance, which implies a separation between the two. It is her belief that they are inextricably connected and should be addressed as such to gain and maintain momentum.

Since a coaching relationship is contingent upon the coachee being completely comfortable and transparent with the coach, this rarely can occur inside an internal corporate environment. It is the “gap” that occurs in the legal market or any workplace, regardless of the resources provided (i.e. business development and marketing resources, etc.).


Managing PartnersExecutive coaching that will help balance managerial, client development/ service and personal matters, as well as delegating or “pushing down” what is better serviced by others.

PartnersFocused on keeping all plates spinning consistently while also maintaining or building healthy client relationships, billing hours and having a life.

Associates Understanding the landscape of practicing law, strategizing for success based on personal goals and market expectations, bridging the gap generationally, remaining marketable.

Law StudentsUnderstanding the practice of law, what to expect, how to strategize, plan and execute your career effectively and proactively.

Anyone Everyone benefits from coaching


You may be a candidate for coaching if you:

  • Say you want something but are unable to accomplish it on your own
  • Feel as though you are on a treadmill
  • Are disenchanted with your career
  • Think that it will get better if “x” happens
  • Put off doing what you enjoy until you have time
  • Are frustrated or have a frustrated partner or spouse